10 Rules to Lower Golf Scores
Rule #8 - Read The Lie
 (Below is a transcription of the video)  

G'day sports fans! Paul Williamson here, PGA Member and RGX Coach here to tell you about rule number eight in my 10 Rules to Shooting Lower Scores.

Rule number eight is to pay attention to the lie.

I've been playing golf now for 30+ years and the amount of golf I've played with amateurs, especially in pro-ams, I stand there and I watch the type of club and shot selection they're having off the lie that they've got. And I know that it's just not even possible to really hit a good shot from that. Yet they're doing it and I can't even do it, bad decision-making.

What are some examples of that? I'm trying to hit a 3-wood out of rough that's like this long. That's never going to get it through all that grass you need some loft to get it up and out. Or trying to hit a nice high soft little spinning chip shot off a dusty sandy little lie that's really tight. Chances are you're going to bounce that off the ground and blade it over the back or if you get a little bit of dirt and sand between the ball and the club face things just going to fluff in front of you. So that'd be something like you take a hybrid and you bump and run it all the way up there.

Paying attention to a lie is one of the first things good players do when they get to the ball. Before they make any other decision making they're reading the situation and a huge part of that is what is this lie going to let me do. Is it going to run after I hit it? Am I going to be able to spin it? Am I going to be able to even get a club on the back of the ball sometimes? Those are questions you need to ask before you actually start to pick the club and then the type of technique you're going to use.

If you start doing that you might find that you actually can get out of these troubled situations with far less trouble. You're going to get rid of those triples and those doubles and we're looking for just bogey off again. Hopefully, that helps remember it's reading the life first when you get there.

If you want to check out all the other videos in my series, they're all down below and if you want to contact me by all means check out all my details down below as well and you'll be able to get in touch to ask more questions. But in the meantime, good golfing, good luck! I hope those scores are coming down. I'll be fascinated to hear how you go. We'll see you next time for rule number nine. Cheers!

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