Frustrated with your golf game?
Choose the path that fits your lifestyle and goals.
Are you tired of shooting the same crappy scores on the golf course?

Are you frustrated with your lack of progress?

Do you feel like you are going backwards despite practising more than ever?

Are you struggling to break 100 or 90, no matter what you try or how many YouTube videos you watch?

Are you ready to quit golf if you keep producing the same rubbish results because it's embarrassing?

If so, then these programs are for you!
Build the Foundation for Lasting Score Improvement
Your Golf Game Reset in 3 Days
Small Group Coaching
You will work with other similar golfers in a small team-like group setting (3 People Max some other camps have up to 9 players per coach!).

This will allow you to get personalised coaching and feedback from me while learning from other golfers working to improve their game. It also allows us to simulate the pressure, feelings and distractions of playing with others. This skill should be trained if you play with other golfers. All elite-level players spend many years training alongside others in this type of environment. It is much more fun; therefore, your training won't seem boring either. This is one of the significant differences in this program and is a hugely valuable part of it.

On-course Training
You will get to practice what you have learned in the coaching sessions on the golf course.

This will help you see how the skills and strategies you are learning can be applied in a real-world setting to improve your confidence when playing and not just at the range. No two shots are ever the same on the golf course, so you must train to cope with the constant variability if you wish to shoot lower scores. Most lessons and other programs are never done on the golf course, which makes no sense. Golf is played on a golf course, so we must train there to improve. Footballers train where they play, so why don't golfers do the same? This program changes that!

Online Resources and Feedback
You will have video lessons and practice drills assigned to you that you can use to continue learning and improving well after the boot camp is over.

You will also have three months of online support from me via your personal CoachNow App space and groups. This will keep your feedback loop small, so you don't unknowingly start heading in the wrong direction. Look at this like your personal autopilot system that gently nudges you back in the right direction. It will give you the confidence to know that your training will improve your scores if you keep me updated by posting scores, stats and training session results. I am in this for your long-term results.

Community Support
You will be part of my golf community group in the CoachNow App.

This group of golfers is working to improve and shoot lower scores for the long term and has been through the changes you have made recently. You can share your experiences and challenges with other golfers and get help and encouragement from me and the other successful golfers. My coaching community has hundreds of members contributing and asking questions.

About Paul
Paul Williamson is a 25+ year, Certified Member of the PGA of Australia and has advanced certification in the area of coaching, small business and Management. He is a The Scoring Method and Mind Factor Certified Coach.

Based on the Gold Coast Australia, he coaches at Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre open to the public for 7 days.

Paul spent 15+ years as a touring professional playing in hundreds of Pro-ams with thousands of amateur playing partners. During this time, he was also contracted as a corporate golf coach by large companies to help their clients play better on company golf days or functions. These experiences have led Paul to his passion which is to help everyday golfers out there play better golf quickly, with easy-to-understand concepts and language we can all relate to.

As Paul says, "Your golf swing isn't even close to the biggest problem with your golf game!".

So contact Paul now so he can teach you how to play golf and not just golf swing!

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Book your 15-minute discovery call for FREE to see how Paul can best help you.
Book your 15-minute discovery call for FREE to see how Paul can best help you.
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