10 Rules to Lower Golf Scores
Rule #1 - Hole All Your Short Putts!
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G'day, Sports Fans! Paul Williamson here just giving you a tip for the week!

So, what I thought I'd do is start a little series this time which is the 10 Keys to Scoring. Now, you might think, what the hell is that about. Well, these are some rules that you really don't want to break every time you get on the golf course. Okay, we've got ten of them. We're going to start with number one this week.

Number one is you got to hole everything inside three feet. You have to hole short putts. Now that's probably pretty obvious to you, but I'm going to emphasize how crucial short putting actually is. Short putting will affect your tee shots if you're not good at it.

So, bear with me for a second here, but let's see, you get someone who is pretty bad from three-foot, maybe misses half of them or something like that and gets pretty nervous when they get on a long-range putt, and they get ten meters away or something like that. They're like, "Oh my god, I've got to get this so close", and the pressure goes up because they know they have to hit it to one foot to two feet to two-putt, then all of a sudden, there's this anxiety and tension in their long-range putting. Well, good luck doing anything when you are tense. Then what happens is they're like, "Oh god!" they hit an approach shot or the chip shot. "Oh man, I have to hit it to like five meters. Otherwise, I'm not going to be able to hit it to two feet", so they have to get more aggressive on their approach shot and chip shot. Then you're like, "Wow, I'd better hit the green because if I miss the green and I'm not going to be able to get close enough to one putt, and that's going to kill me there". So all of a sudden, you're like, "Oh man, I'd better hit the fairway because if I don't hit the fairway, I'm not going to hit the green and then I'm going to have to chip and then I'm going to not be close enough, and I'm going to three-putt that's all because I miss three-foot putts.

But on the flip side, if you get unbelievable from three feet and suddenly think, "You know what? I don't have to hit it to 5 meters anymore. I can hit it to 15 meters because I can hit it to 4 feet, and I'm probably going to hole most of them". Then you start going, "Oh well, I'd don't have to go near that pin near that bunker. I can hit away from that because I know I can two-putt from over there." OR "You know what, I don't even have to hit the green. I can miss the green to the right away from that bunker, pitch up from there and two-putt or even one putt if I get close with my chip". Now, all of a sudden, you think on the tee, "I don't even have to hit the fairway. I can hit it in the right trees with no penalties over there, punch it out short, chip it on up to three feet, and I'm going to make a par. Well, you might even hit it to 15 meters away, roll it up and make a bogey if you're trying to shoot 90; that's what you should be trying to do. So that's a short putt, so you got a hole of a now, and if you're not holing them, you better know why. It's either the read or the aim; you're miss hitting them on the line where you are getting the distance wrong.

So it's one of those four, and if you're not sure, go and check out with your local golf pro why you're missing those putts. It might be one, two or three things, so check it all out.

Good luck, 'till next time!

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