10 Rules to Lower Golf Scores
Rule #6 - Stop Playing Risky Shots
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G'day all! Paul Williamson here PGA member, RGX Coach, here to give you rule number six in the 10 Rules to Shooting Lower Scores.

Rule number 6 is to stop playing risky shots.

It's very obvious, like all of them. But once again I play that much golf with so many amateurs who do play tons of risky shots. What do I mean by that? Well, you can probably relate to being in the trees and you can see the green through this little gap in the trees over there, and you think, "Oh you know, I'm going to have a go at that see here you go". Then BANG! You hit the tree and probably three more shots in there and you walk off the ninth. Whereas the easy one, the non-risky one would have been a nice easy little chip shot back here to the 100-meter mark or 150-meter marker. Plain approach from there and walk off with bogey at worst, hopefully.

But that's not the only one there's another one and I see a lot of it. You might be someone who has a bit of a slice and that's your bad shot. You pull your driver out on a hole where there's a lot of water down the right-hand side and there's a ton of room and just maybe some trees over on the left. This relates back to you know avoiding penalty shots at all costs. I see so many people, "I think you know that's a par five I've got to get way down there so therefore I need to take driver". Then they go and pull the drive around the hole where all the trouble is right where they normally miss their shots. That's how you end up increasing tension when you're out there because all of a sudden you sit out there and, "Oh boy I better hit a good one here otherwise I'm going to be in trouble. That's playing a risky shot. It might be you trying to hit a ball over a bunker and onto the green but then you're just not very good at that. Whereas you could actually go, "You know what I'll just hit this over here with a little hybrid little bump and run knock it on the left edge of the green there then try and roll my first putt up nice and close and then get out of here with no worse than downing three from there. Trying to hit a beautiful little flop shot over a bunker which brings in a bladed one over the back or a duffed one right in the bunker in front of you.

These are playing risky shots that play within your comfort level. Understand where your levels are at and what you're really good at and just play more conservatively. I'm not telling you you have to play like that your whole time. Get better, build your skills, but do that on the practice field. I do that with a coach to help you out to teach you how to do it in the first place. Then get really good at it and then you can bring that skill in later on. But don't play above your pay grade. Pick a shot you know you can pull off every time and I challenge you to do that. It's not easy you probably haven't played much golf doing that on every single shot. But I'll tell you what, if you did, I would be very fascinated to hear what scores you actually shoot.

I'm really glad you're here for this one. Look out for the next one, rule number seven when you find out even better ways of reducing your scores and getting lower scores. If you like the video please subscribe and share it with your friends and I look forward to seeing you next time, cheers!

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