10 Rules to Lower Golf Scores
Rule #4 - Get Rid of Your 3-Putts
 (Below is a transcription of the video)  

G'day all! Paul Williamson here PGA member, RGX Coach, here to give you rule number four in the 10 Rules to Shooting Lower Scores.

Rule number 4 is to get rid of three-putts.

That sounds pretty obvious again and they all are. However, how many of you are actually out there not having any three-putts in your round of golf? I bet you there are not many of you out there. So let's dive into that a little bit more.

What is it that actually causes you to have three-putts? What's the main reason for it? Well, there are two things we're always trying to judge when we hit a putt to a hole.

1. We're trying to get the direction right.
2. We're going to get the distance right.

If you get both of them correct, the ball is going in the hole. But I want you to think about your last three-putt or one that you can remember, a significant one that you've had in the past. I want you to ask yourself, what did you get wrong? Was it the read? Like did you hit it five foot left or six foot right? Or did you get the distance wrong? Well, you left it eight foot short or hit it ten foot past. I'll take a fairly big bet to say that it was probably you got the distance wrong.

The main reason you'll have a three-putt is that you've hit the first putt either way too hard or way too short and now you've got a putt that's not a tap-in anymore. It's not inside that three foot circle like we're talking about in the first video. You've got to hold all your short putts from three or four foot. If you're hitting it to six foot, the percentages of an average golfer holing apart from six foot drop down to something like around fifty percent depending upon your score. Even the best putters in the world from six foot is going to miss around about a third of their putts. These are just the stats. So the thing you've got to get good at is actually getting the putt closer to the hole in the first place.

Now, that is putting most of your attention now onto the distance you're hitting the ball and not so much the read. I would also take a big bet saying that you spend most of your time actually on the green when you get there to go and hit a putt to the hole thinking about where you need to aim it and not so much about the distance.

So next time you're out in the course, put your focus on just trying to get the distance right from your long-range putts so that if they miss they finish at the perfect distance and hopefully a little tap in. Chances are once you start getting better at distance judgment you're also going to get better at green reading. Because they're very closely related. If you're still no good at distance judgment or you're still having three-putts, I suggest you get out and have a lesson with your golf coach. Because so many people I've coached in my life have never had a putting lesson before yet it's the low-hanging fruit in your scores.

Hopefully, that improves your golf game Please let me know. I am looking forward to seeing you next time for rule number five in my 10 Rules to Lower Scores. Cheers!

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