10 Rules to Lower Golf Scores
Rule #5 - Stop Under Clubbing
 (Below is a transcription of the video)  

G'day all! Paul Williamson here PGA member, RGX Coach, here to give you rule number five in the 10 Rules to Shooting Lower Scores.

Rule number 5 is to make sure that you don't under club.

Under clubbing is one of the biggest issues I see in amateur games. What's under clubbing? Well, that's basically not taking enough golf club to actually carry the ball through the air far enough to land on the green. The number of times I see someone who thinks they hit a 99 in 130 meters when in reality they hit it 115 meters 90 out of 100 times. Maybe 10 times out of 100 they might bust one out there 130 when the conditions are all great and you make a fantastic contact. But you and I both know that doesn't happen very often. Good shots are hard to hit in golf. What you want to have is you want to know what your average is something that you know when you hit about a six or seven or maybe an eight out of ten quality strike you know how far that goes.

What you're looking at is dispersion. So, we're not firing a sniper rifle with that kind of accuracy that we'd end up you know, if we hit 100 shots we get this little dot right in the middle like that. We're firing more like what would look like a shotgun dispersion. Which is this big spread of shots long and short, and left and right, and that's what we all deal with when we're trying to hit the ball to a target right here. So it's these short ones that are the big issue because hey, guess what those architects do, they stick all the trouble at the front of the green.

If you're under clubbing, you're going to end up getting yourself in a lot more trouble. It's a pretty simple thing. Whatever club you think you need next time and just as a rule of thumb going forwards, take one more. Do it for a month. Do it for five rounds of golf and see how you go. Just start keeping track of how many balls actually finish short of the hole and how many finish long. If you do it occasionally, really not one and it ends up at the back of the green or maybe a bit over, I guarantee there's not as much trouble there most of the time and you probably end up all right. So, there you go that's rule number five which is all about under clubbing. Make sure you don't do it. Just take one more club and see how you go.

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