10 Rules to Lower Golf Scores
Rule #10 - Let Go Of BAD Shots!
 (Below is a transcription of the video)  

G'day sports fans! We're here, we've made it. It's Paul Williamson here, PGA Member and RGX Coach here to help you out with rule number 10 in my 10 Rules to Scoring Lower.

Finally made it all the way hopefully you checked out all my other videos, all nine of them. The links are all down below they're on my YouTube channel go check them out!

If you're doing all those nine, you're doing them all regularly, you know and I know that your scores have dropped. But rule number 10 is the one that I think I see most of with most competitive golfers out there. Those who want to play well. Who put in some effort. Who put it into practice. Who really wants to actually do well but get out on the golf course and they have three or four blow-up holes and then the round's all over.

So, this one is letting go of bad shots. Sounds easy it's not that easy. I'm probably one who definitely struggled with this for a long time. But it is something that you do need to address if you actually want to shoot lower scores in this game.

We've all done it. We've all hit this bad shot which then led to another one, and then another one, and another one and then it's one hole and then two and then three holes and then the round's all over and done with. Why? Because you're not letting go of the emotions not paying attention to your emotions, so you've got to let it go.

Now I'm not going to tell you not to get angry. But I'm going to tell you to get angry about things that you're in control of. If you've hit a bad shot because you didn't do some of your routines. Or if you broke one of our earlier rules, then you should get angry. You're in control of that, you can change those things. But I'll tell you what, if you let it affect your next one then that's the problem.

So, what we're going to do is to get appropriately angry for a certain amount of time. You need an off trigger like pulling your glove off to say, "Right I'm done now", the anger's out and play the next shot. Give it the full value I call it, alright? Then you switch back on for the next one. Basically treating each shot the same is crucial. At the end of the day, you're not drawing down pictures. You're not writing down your emotions and what happened and what you've seen, the buts and the kudos and the shudos. You're just writing down the scores, that's all golf cares about is that score. So the sooner you basically put your attention on just trying to shoot a better score, by getting tools and letting go of bad shots well you're going to have a lot less score.

There you go let go of those bad shots. It's not easy I get that but there are ways to do it take it from someone who has been in that situation that cost me a lot of shots over a lot of part of my career. But they're definitely better now. So if you've enjoyed those please check out all the other ones and let me know what you think let me know if these are helping you drop shots on the golf course. In the meantime hang around I'm going to have tons more videos with plenty more content and we will speak to each other pretty soon.


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