23 Nov 2023
Ever feel like putting turns your confidence into a rollercoaster ride? 🎢 It's time to regain your calm! Join me as we dive into the READ-PLAN-DO-REVIEW system to transform your putting skills. Say goodbye to frustrating misses and hello to a more confident you on the green.
7 Nov 2023
Learn how to improve your contact with fairway and hybrid clubs. Many golfers tend to have a forward shaft lean when hitting these clubs, which can lead to poor contact with the ground. Instead, try the skimming technique, where the sole of the clubhead hits the ground just before the leading edge. This technique allows for a larger margin of error in contact and can result in a smoother glide across the surface. By implementing this technique, you'll achieve better height and contact with your fairway clubs, perfect for those long par fours and fives that require carry and quick stops.
25 Oct 2023
In this blog, I will show you a simple yet effective exercise encouraging your body to lead the way for a more powerful golf swing and much better golf ball first contact. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or just starting, this exercise will help you to make better contact more often, increase your distance and create a far more repeatable swing. P.S. Learn how to do this exercise well and watch your dreaded "Chicken Wing 🍗" golf swing disappear!
12 Oct 2023
In this blog, I’ll share some insights on how you can read putts from around the hole without slowing down the game. By strategically approaching the green and observing the slopes and curves, you can get better at guessing how your putts will behave after you hit them which will reduce your total number of putts per round.
21 Sep 2023
In this blog, I'll show you a simple exercise that will help you develop awareness of your clubface angle and path at impact, which is essential for hitting consistent shots and getting more in play. Trust me; the ball doesn't care about your golf swing drama! 😄
21 Jul 2023
In this video, golf pro Paul Williamson provides valuable insights on improving chipping and short game without needing extra practice. He introduces a flowchart method to determine the best shot to take based on the circumstances. He emphasizes the importance of making smart decisions rather than focusing solely on technique or mental game. By using a normal putting stroke for certain shots, players can achieve better contact and consistency. Williamson also shares tips on using different clubs for various situations and managing expectations to improve scoring around the green. This video is a must-watch for golfers looking to enhance their short game without dedicating more practice time.
6 Jul 2023
Playing Golf in Wet Conditions: Tips and Tricks
25 Feb 2020
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21 Sep 2019
Do you know that your wedges have bounce and grind on them? Do you know what they are? Do you know how they can help you with...

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