Ready to change your game like these happy clients?

See what some of my clients have to say about my coaching.

"Before I saw Paul, I hit 101 but not happy about it. But since I've seen Paul, I shot 85 the next round."
"I was probably hitting 120+ on an 18 hole course. Two months of training with Paul, I hit 102 for the first time."
"I think the key to success in achieving the results was the way you took the game approach to coaching rather than a straight correction."
"Paul Williamson told me I had the ball on the wrong side." (After hitting two of the longest drives he hit in his life.)
"I went up my first round of golf where I shot 110. Then I've gone to Paul's coaching, and my last round was shot 93"
"I was averaging about 120. Then I had a couple of lessons from Paul, now regularly hitting a 100."
"I basically gone from 53 - 55 to 43 - 45. Which is amazing. You taught us that technique and I kept practicing it."
"For a long time I was on shooting averages 110, 105  if I was lucky. But recently just had a 98 on an 18 after maybe two months of training."
"After the lesson with you spending a little bit of time on chipping, cutting particularly, I went around in 34." (43 on a nine hole course)
"She said that, whatever you're paying for this lesson is worth every cent of it."
"I started golf and I would get around 52, 53, and my best score now is 39."
"...I was shooting best around at 105... after a couple of weeks with Paul,I dropped down to an 88."
"Making me realize that all the practice that I am doing [by myself], was a waste of time. Because I was actually practicing to be pathetic." (His thought after joining my 9 Weeks Lower Program.)
"He uses a method called The Scoring Method, which teaches you how to play golf rather than how to swing a club. And, and by doing that I've managed to get the score improvement that I was hoping for."
"This is probably the most effective psychological help person can get [in the golf game]..."
"I definitely would. It change my game in a very short space of time." (His answer if he would recommend it to his mates)
"Just in my driving, they were going a lot straighet than they were." (After a specific coaching session)
"I've been working with Paul for a little bit now and I just hit my best score of 85."

Jo's Work golf day story

Jo had played in her work golf day 12 months ago. She felt embarrassed playing with her golfing work colleagues and didn't want to feel like that this time around. She came to see me for some coaching and things changed....