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Is Putting Giving You The S#%ts?!

This One Thing Helps Me Stay Calm

Are you looking to improve your putting skills and take your golf game to the next level? Look no further! In this blog, we will discuss a proven system called READ-PLAN-DO-REVIEW that can help you transfer your skills from the putting green to the golf course.

The ultimate goal of the READ-PLAN-DO-REVIEW system is to enhance your putting performance by focusing on four key areas: reading the putt, making a plan, executing the shot, and reviewing your performance afterward.

Reading the Putt
When it comes to reading the putt, many golfers struggle to accurately assess the break and the required aim. To improve your reading abilities, practice observing the green before every shot. Pay attention to any slopes, the overall speed of the green, and the potential break of the putt. This careful observation will help you make better decisions during the planning stage.

Making a Plan
After reading the putt, it's essential to create a solid plan. Determine where you want to aim and the amount of break you need to account for. Many golfers underestimate the break and end up missing their putts. Develop a habit of allowing for more breaks than you initially think is necessary, ensuring your aim is accurate.

Executing the Shot
Executing the shot involves two critical components: aligning the putter correctly and focusing on the distance you want the ball to travel. Many golfers neglect the importance of alignment and fail to hit the ball on the intended line. Moreover, considering the distance is crucial in achieving the desired results. Develop a consistent putting technique and strive to hit each putt with the perfect amount of force.

Reviewing Your Performance
One aspect of putting that most golfers overlook is the post-shot review. After hitting a putt, take a moment to reflect on your performance. Analyze the four key areas: your reading ability, aiming accuracy, ball alignment, and distance control. Honest self-assessment is crucial here. Even if the ball goes into the hole, it is essential to review your performance and identify areas for improvement.


Implementing the READ-PLAN-DO-REVIEW System

Now that you understand the four key components of the READ-PLAN-DO-REVIEW system let's discuss how to incorporate this system into your practice routine.

1. Play the Game
Set up a practice session where you play a game of putting. Choose nine different holes, varying in distance, and challenge yourself to hole out each putt using only one ball. This game will simulate conditions you encounter on the golf course, allowing you to transfer your skills effectively.

2. Focus on Each Component
As you play the game, pay attention to each component of the system. Prioritize your reading ability, aiming accuracy, ball alignment, and distance control. By giving equal attention to all four areas, you will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly.

3. Perform Post-Shot Reviews
After each putt, take a moment to review your performance. Ask yourself why the putt missed or went in. Evaluate your reading ability, aiming accuracy, ball alignment, and distance control. By pinpointing the primary reason for each outcome, you will gain valuable insights into areas for improvement.


The Importance of Acceptance and Learning

While implementing the READ-PLAN-DO-REVIEW system, it is crucial to develop acceptance and a strong learning mindset. Understand that even if you execute all four components perfectly, external factors may still impact the outcome of your putt. Greens are uneven, and unexpected obstacles may influence the path of the ball. Be accepting of these variables and focus on the elements within your control.

By accepting the inherent uncertainties and focusing on the four components you have control over, you can elevate your game and experience less stress on the course. Remember, golf presents an opportunity to continue learning and growing as a player. Embrace every putt as a chance to improve and refine your skills.

Incorporating the READ-PLAN-DO-REVIEW system into your putting practice can have a significant impact on your overall golf performance. By honing your reading skills, making solid plans, executing shots with precision, and reviewing each putt, you will become a more consistent and confident putter.

Remember, golf is not just about the outcome of each putt; it is about the journey of improvement. Focus on the four components you can control, accept external factors, and maintain a mindset of continuous learning. With dedicated practice and the implementation of the READ-PLAN-DO-REVIEW system, you will undoubtedly enhance your putting skills and enjoy a more fulfilling golfing experience.

**If you found this guide helpful, I would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please consider leaving a comment below to share your thoughts and suggestions. Your input is valuable and helps me create more content to support your golfing journey.

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