CoachNow App
In the last 25+ years, I have never found a better piece of technology to improve your golf game other than CoachNow App. 
With CoachNow App, you are likely to have me in the tip of your fingertips whenever you want me to remind you about what we've did.
This is included in all coaching programs with different levels of access.
Scoring Method
Learn the strategies you need around the golf course to shoot lower scores with the game you have.

Simple practice concepts to help you get 10x the effectiveness about the limited time you can practice.

Scoring Method scorecards and purposeful practice plan to print out and use.
Our success guide and checklist to make sure you understand everything to be successful with the method.

A method you can use for the rest of your golfing life!

FlightScope Mevo+
Launch monitors are electronic devices that measure many aspects of a golf swing, from the backstroke all the way through striking a ball.
By analyzing and understanding these measurements, an instructor can get a better idea of a golfer's potential when it comes to hitting the ball.
This helps the instructor modify a golfer's swing so that they can increase their club speed and ball speed to get more distance.
Golf Performance Store
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Pain Pod
Don't put up with chronic pain or everyday aches that hold you back. With PainPod, you can start living on your terms again.
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