Are you looking for consistency in your golf game?
How consistent is your routine?
Maybe the TICK GAME is the answer?

"This game is all mental for me."

"If only I could be more consistent, I would be great."

These are two statements I regularly hear from the same person during a playing assessment or round of golf.

Yet I watch that person expect consistency without going through the same mental process/routine on every shot. Instead, their preparation for each shot is random, and I know their focus goes to some crazy stuff while standing over the ball.

So how can you improve your "consistency"?

First, improve the consistency of the questions you ask yourself before each shot.

Here is a game I would like you to play over the next few rounds of golf.

It is called the Tick Game.
The rules -
Before the round, pick one useful question you want to ask yourself before every shot and write it on the scorecard. I.e. "What would a good shot look like from here?" or "What is my target on this shot?"
If you remember to ask this question before every shot on a hole, you get a TICK for that hole.
If you forget to ask that question on even just one shot, during any of the shots you might have played on a hole, you get NO TICK.
The goal is to get 18 ticks for 18 holes and then do it for at least three rounds in a row.

Once you have gotten to this point, the useful question is now a part of your habitual process(mental routine) for every shot, and you can then decide on another question and add that one into your process.

I have found that most people's lousy scoring holes happen to correlate closely with them not getting a tick on the hole. Not always, but very often.

After 20 or 30 rounds and putting more useful questions in, you will have transformed your mental game "consistency" in a big way.
Don't be surprised if your scores have also transformed.

Try it out and share with me your scores out of 18 in your next rounds.