Some recent success stories from my amazing tribe of golf nuts here on the Gold Coast Australia Coaching at Emerald Lakes Golf Club and Farm Golf Club

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Success Stories

This section is dedicated to the recent successes some of my clients have had. Please let me know yours so we can all celebrate with you.

Russell Strohfeldt

Russell joined my 10 shots lower in 10 weeks guaranteed back in Mid October. He was very frustrated with his poor form that had been going on for quite a while. He was having quite a few blow up holes each round with many penalty shots.

I am very pleased to say that after just eight weeks of learning how to play the game better he has done it! He recently shot an 82 at Tally valley and has also been consistently shooting much lower scores with far fewer blow-up holes.

Well done mate.

Jackie Ellis

Jackie also joined my 10 shots lower in 10 guaranteed and was only playing nine holes, only using a few clubs that she trusted and shooting around 70.

Well, Jackie has had some amazing results over the past 10 weeks. She is now playing 18 holes, using all of her clubs, hitting the ball further than ever and absolutely loving the improvements in her game. Jackie has dropped at least 10 shots from her 9 hole score and will continue to drop plenty more over the summer.

I am very proud to have been a part of her journey so far and can't wait to see how good she can get.

Well done superstar!

Lewis Wells

Lewis came to my Get Better at Golf Sessions with some real struggles with his game. Playing off a 36 handicap he was struggling to even get 20 Stableford points and was very frustrated with it all.

After a few weeks, Lewis had started to learn how easy it actually is to play the real game of golf and that all the thoughts about his swing technique were mostly getting in the way. After improving his awareness of what was really important to have his attention on when practicing Lewis started to get a little better each week. His score made their way through the '20s then through the '30s until he had an amazing 40 points! That's a twenty shot improvement in less than 10 weeks!

That's not the best part of Lewis's story though.

After a session focusing on the idea that our target and where we actually aim are two different things, Lewis decided to aim away from the flag on the 7th hole at Southport to allow for the left to right wind. After a well-struck shot, he watched as the wind pushed the ball back towards the green where it landed on the green and made its's way to the bottom of the cup. A HOLE IN ONE!!!!!

I don't know who was more excited, Lewis or me after he told me this story.

Way to go mate and I look forward to seeing how much better you can still get.

Douglas Chow

Douglas came to me in the middle of the year with a pretty high goal of trying to qualify to start his PGA of Australia Traineeship next year. This meant he had to keep his handicap below 3 as well as perform well in some trial matches.

Little did Douglas know that the playing part of qualifying would be the easy part!

I was able to help Douglas through things such as finding a venue that would take him on, learning how to prepare for working 38 hours a week in the golf industry, helping with time management, and many other things that we still continue to work on.

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that Douglas has been accepted into the PGA training program and will be starting his time as of January 1st.

Well done mate. It has helped me to understand that first and foremost I am coaching people and golf happens to be the topic we talk about most of the time.

Bruce McLeod

I am pleased to announce that Bruce and I managed to finish 11th out of a field of 36 at the fun Southport fourmsomes challenge on Monday the 7th. This won me a total of $25 and Bruce some golf balls.

I am sure that Bruce will not let me forget that the 2 penalty shots we had both came from my shots! LOL

I think that the best part of the day though was the look on Bruces face when he found out we were playing with Bronco's and QLD State of Origin star Ben Ikin. He looked like a kid in a candy store!

Thanks for a really enjoyable day mate.

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