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Ready Golf Hints

Quick tips to make sure you are ready to play and keep the game moving along.

The following are easy things you can do that may be contrary to formal or traditional etiquette, so when it is your turn you are ready to play.

1. Be mindful of your next shot while others are playing.

2. Prepare for the next shot by having your equipment ready (glove on or off, tees, ball marker, etc.)

3. You can tee off in any order you'd like.

4. You don't have to be the furtherst away to hit (as long as it's safe).

5. Go directly to your own ball, even if it's ahead (as long as it's safe).

6. Carry a few clubs with you.

7. If you ride in a cart, you can always walk to your ball (you may even have to walk back sometimes)

8. You may putt-out by continuously putting on the green (you don't have to mark the ball and wait).

9.On the green, don't feel like you have to always mark your ball - (only if it's in the way of another player).

There may be times when you are encouraged to follow golf etiquette more closely (in outings, events, or social tournaments), but when learning to play the game and to keep it fun, utilize these Ready Golf Hints.