Some recent success stories from my amazing tribe of golf nuts here on the Gold Coast Australia Coaching at Emerald Lakes Golf Course and Boomerang Farm Golf Course on the Gold Coast, Australia

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Success Stories

This section is dedicated to the recent successes some of my clients have had. Please let me know yours so we can all celebrate with you.

Pete Crossley

Pete has been coming along to my purposeful practice sessions for quite a while.

I am excited to announce he has recently had a great couple of success stories.

First, he had success in a foursomes tournament at Coolangatta Tweed GC.

Then he had a fantastic score of 67 net in a stroke round.

Well done Pete, and there's more to come!

Luke Evans

Luke rang me when he heard about my ten shots lower guaranteed program. He thought it sounded like a different way of coaching that he had not had before. No other coaches had ever taken him on to the golf course, and he thought this sounded like exactly what he needed.

Luke was already an excellent golfer and shooting in the high 80s to mid-90s.

I explained that my guarantee is for those shooting above 90 to drop ten shots. He replied, " I don't care about ten shots. If you can drop me 5 in 10 weeks, I'll be wrapped!".

Well, Luke not only dropped five shots he wanted, but he dropped ten shots in just five weeks!

Well done mate and I look forward to seeing how many more shots you drop over the coming months.

Chase Oberle

Chase just keeps wrecking up the successes!

A week ago, he won the McLeod Golf Club junior championship by a record margin.

He currently has a ten shot lead in the overall Club championship at McLeod with 1 round to go.

I will keep you all up to date with his progress. (Somehow, I think he might have it in the bag! LOL)

Cameron Peterson

Cameron came for some coaching last year, and he was primarily focused on improving his on course scores. Cam is s a very good ball striker with plenty of distance, and we mainly worked on short game and how to plan his rounds better.

I'm pleased to say that he recently came had his best score at Emerald Lakes DC. A score of 73, 1 over par off the stick, which was 41 Stableford points!

Awesome round mate, and I'm glad that all the effort has finally paid off. Well done

Deb Planincic

I would like to congratulate Deb on finally joining me on the golf course for an on-course playing session. Deb would be the first one to tell you that the thought of changing her golf swing would induce something of an allergic reaction in her. So instead of a golf swing lesson, we tried to help her play better golf on the golf course.

After just one session, I witnessed Deb hit the ball higher and further than before with most of her shots in our last Saturday Social Golf Day.

It makes me very happy to hear that you are enjoying the game a bit more from this experience Deb and that it wasn't as painful as you might have thought. LOL!

My latest Get into Golfers.

My recent class (Lily, Tracy and Paul) has graduated and has now started playing golf on the golf course, with many of them having the best rounds they've ever had. If they haven't had a great game, they've hit the best shots they've ever hit after our six-week beginner's program.

Well done to you all and welcome to the game for life.

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