Some recent success stories from my amazing tribe of golf nuts here on the Gold Coast Australia Coaching at Emerald Lakes Golf Course and Boomerang Farm Golf Course

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Success Stories

This section is dedicated to the recent successes some of my clients have had. Please let me know yours so we can all celebrate with you.

Rian Duncan

I am very excited to tell you about Rian's recent success.

After a very tough three years of a traineeship where he was unable to pass the scoring average requirements, Rian has been able to start this year with his average well under what is required. The confidence he is now playing with will get him through this year with out a doubt.

The consistent commitment to improvement he has shown over the past few months is now paying off.

Well done champion and keep up the good work.

Bruce Mcleod

Bruce has recently gotten down to his lowest ever handicap of 8 and now feels like he knows what to do to stay there. His commitment to improving his mental and emotional control on the course has made him a much happier golfer, even in the bad days.

This improvement has also lead to his best round ever! He broke 70 at Tally Valley shooting 69 in a recent comp.

Well done mate, I couldn't be happier for you.

Douglas Chow

After being accepted into the PGA as an Associate Member (previously Trainee Member) and starting a new job at Club Parkwood, Doug has started to play in his first events for prize money.

I am pleased to say that Doug has now won his first ever professional prizemoney by shooting even par at Wooford to finish T10 and win $49.02!

Sure it may not sound like much but it is just the first of many to come I am sure.

Well done mate

Graham Gee

Graham came to me after have many surgeries, and there fore a long time off from the game. His goal was to shoot bogey golf or around 90 at some of the riverland courses he was going to play on a golf trip with some mates but he wasn't sure that it would even be possible.

Needless to say Graham was pretty rusty.

However, this did not deter him and we set about making a plan to get him to his goal in only a few weeks.

Graham then stuck to this plan, which included play lots of golf on course and improving his decision making and strategy skills.

I am very pleased to say that Graham sent me a message that he was very happy to shoot a 88 off the stick and a 63 nett that won him one of the days.

Helping my clients to get the results they didn't think were possible is my passion. Very happy for you Graham

Author: John Smith
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