Some recent success stories from my amazing tribe of golf nuts here on the Gold Coast Australia Coaching at Emerald Lakes Golf Course and Boomerang Farm Golf Course

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Success Stories

This section is dedicated to the recent successes some of my clients have had. Please let me know yours so we can all celebrate with you.

Chase Oberle

If you have been a regular reader of my success stories you will no doubt remember how much success 13yr old Chase has had over the years. Below is a message I received from his Mum reflecting on 2020

"Started on 6.3 and finished on 2.8...with 7 months of no full swings!

Just goes to show that a full knee reconstruction, 18mths in a knee brace (and still 2 mths to go!), patience, commitment, dedication, hard work, some skill, new clubs, positive attitude, no excuses, a competitive spirit, a great coach, crazy golf parents and a love of the game can keep a little person succeeding in golf through the craziest times!

A good lesson for all your clients..if you want to succeed in the game - you just have to overcome the barriers...find a way and keep looking for new ways! Chase had a lot of barriers in 2020 and he got there! 🥳

Bring on 2021!"

To add to this Chase just had his first-ever under par round, a -4 68 at McLeod GC. This has meant he has now dropped to a 1.8 handicap.

Well done mate and really looking forward to seeing where you can get to in 2021.

Chris Mason

Chris was visiting the Gold Coast and contacted me for a lesson hoping to find out what was wrong with his swing. A slice was his main concern and breaking 90 was a goal that had not been achieved and seemed a long way from where he was.

After asking some questions about what he was currently trying to do we discovered that Chris had nothing wrong with his swing at all!

We determined that what Chris needed was to become more aware of how his set up was affecting his swing. Once we worked through this and then reminded him of what good practice actually looked like, he once again had some clarity about how to improve.

In his next rounds, Chris applied some new on-course strategies that we also discussed that would have a big difference to his ability to shoot lower scores.

I am pleased to say that Chris's next two rounds were 94 and then a round of 46 on the front and 42 on the back to shoot an 88 at Beerwah GC!

An amazing turn around that all started with deciding to get some professional help.

Well done mate and I look forward to seeing how much better you can still get.👍

Lewis Wells

Lewis came to my Get Better at Golf Sessions with some real struggles with his game. Playing off a 36 handicap he was struggling to even get 20 Stableford points and was very frustrated with it all.

After a few weeks, Lewis had started to learn how easy it actually is to play the real game of golf and that all the thoughts about his swing technique were mostly getting in the way. After improving his awareness of what was really important to have his attention on when practicing Lewis started to get a little better each week. His score made their way through the '20s then through the '30s until he had an amazing 40 points! That's a twenty shot improvement in less than 10 weeks!

That's not the best part of Lewis's story though.

After a session focusing on the idea that our target and where we actually aim are two different things, Lewis decided to aim away from the flag on the 7th hole at Southport to allow for the left to right wind. After a well-struck shot, he watched as the wind pushed the ball back towards the green where it landed on the green and made its's way to the bottom of the cup. A HOLE IN ONE!!!!!

I don't know who was more excited, Lewis or me after he told me this story.

Way to go mate and I look forward to seeing how much better you can still get.

Malcolm Gennoe

A special mention to one of my Dad's mates. I played a game with Malcolm when he joined Dad and me for a hit while I was in Adelaide over Xmas.

Malcolm is a typical example of what I see with most regular club golfers. He is a student of the game, always looking to get better but he had gone down the "rabbit hole" of trying to find the next tip that might work from the internet.

During our one round of golf together where we were able to discuss what he believed he was doing, what I could see he was actually doing, why this was causing his current problems, and what he could do to start changing.

To his credit, Malcolm applied what he learned. He then had 40 pts in his next comp, his best score in a long time, and then backed it up with an even better round 3 days later!

Well done mate.

Russell Strohfedlt

One of my 10 shots lower in ten weeks guaranteed clients, Russell has continued to improve. He has just last week managed 41pts at Tally Valley which is a 79 off the stick and will likely drop his handicap by two shots.
Well done mate.

Steve Messiter

Steve has come all the way from Tenterfield to come and see me for some help with his golf game and he has a goal of getting down to single figures this year from his 16 handicap. Due to the limited amount of face to face time we will have, Steve has been using the CoachNow app to post his scorecards, round insights, practice sessions, swing videos and any other communication online.

I am pleased to say after just a few weeks Steve was able to start implementing some of the scoring strategies we determined would be best for him to lower his scores. This has lead to him winning a Monthly Medal and a new golf shirt!

Well done Steve and I will keep you informed of his progress throughout the year

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