Some recent success stories from my amazing tribe of golf nuts here on the Gold Coast Australia Coaching at Emerald Lakes Golf Course and Boomerang Farm Golf Course

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Success Stories

This section is dedicated to the recent successes some of my clients have had. Please let me know yours so we can all celebrate with you.

Peter Crossley

Peter has been attending my Thursday morning Purposeful Practice Sessions over the past few months and his efforts recently paid off. Especially the chipping improvements it turns out!
He managed a fantastic score of 40 points at Coolangatta GC.
Peter has made some remarkable improvements in his short game particularly and now considers himself an excellent chipper!
Well done mate.

Jackie Ellis

Jackie is one of my 10 shots lower in ten weeks guaranteed clients from October last year. Jackies main goal of the program was to get to the point where she could finish 18 holes of golf. When we started she was shooting over 70 shots for nine holes.
I am very proud to say that Jackie recently played a full 18 holes but also managed to shoot 120, which was around 20 shots better than she would have done just three months ago.

Well done champion!

Richard Harvey

Richard is also one of my 10 shots lower in ten weeks guaranteed clients from October last year. I am very happy to say that Richard recently shot an 82 at Burleigh Golf Club which is one of his best ever and about 15 to 20 shots better than what he was doing just before he started the course. Below is what he had to say about the course.

"When I first started I wasn't sure of what to expect so I kept an open mind, and I'm glad I did.
I remember the first hole on the first day, drive up the middle, second shot onto the green, long putt near the hole, (all good) about 3 to 4 feet away, then took 3 putts to get it in the hole. Obviously, my short putting, to putt it mildly was crap.
The next few holes, fairway no probs, short putts were killing me. Sounds simple just putt the ball in the hole. In my surfing career, I wasn't afraid of 20-foot waves but when it came to a 2-foot putt I fell to pieces.
Over the next 8 weeks, I learned not only course management, (a skill I never really thought about) but how to putt.
Without going into detail (you'll get that when you do your 10 weeks), Paul guided me and the others that were taking part in the 10 shots in 10 weeks program.
I started on a 25 handicap but knew I could play much better golf if I could just get some consistency in my game
So after learning course management, something I'd never really thought about, fixing my short putting with Paul's training instruction, I had my final day of 9 holes with the 10 shots team and came away with 6 shots over course par, just using 3 clubs and a putter.
The 10-week program changed the way I play golf, and as my handicap continues to drop, the skills Paul has taught me has not only taken away a lot of frustration but bought back the enjoyment of a round of golf.

Thanks Paul."

Author: John Smith
John Smith is an expert in this topic and has been helping people for more than 10 years get this awesome result.

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