Stories about life on tour, lessons he has learnt along the way that we can all use and some laughs as well.

Steven Jeffress PGA Tour of Australasia member Mutiple tour winner Inside golf contributor And great story teller! Grab a drink, login on the link below and sit back and enjoy some behind the scenes stories of life on tour. Want to connect with me for some more golf advice? Then click below.

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Want someone on one coaching on the Gold Coast Australia?

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Emerald Lakes Golf Club

Boomerang Farm Golf Course 

Paul is the ultimate coach for - • Beginner golfers who feel intimidated by the game. • Social golfers who just want to have more fun when playing. • Corporate day golfers who don't want to make a fool of themselves at a work golf day. • Weekend warrior golfers who just can't find time to practice or play more. • TopGolf first-timers who have never touched a club and don't want to make a fool of themselves. • Established golfers who are worried coaching might mess them up. • Google golfers! Those who have information overload from all the golf advice out there Paul Williamson is a Certified Member of the PGA of Australia and has advanced certification in the area of coaching. Based on the Gold Coast Australia he coaches at Emerald Lakes Golf Coaching Centre open to the public for 7 days. Paul spent 15+ years as a touring professional playing in hundreds of Pro-ams with thousands of amateur playing partners. During this time he was also contracted as a corporate golf coach by large companies to help their clients play better at company golf days or functions. These experiences have lead Paul to his passion which is to help all the new golfers out there play better golf quickly, with easy to understand concepts and language we can all relate to.

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