A Simple System That Can
Consistently Lower Your Golf Scores
(Below is a transcription of the video)  

In this video, I will introduce a simple system that will consistently lower your golf score. This is what I call my Read-Plan-Do-Review system that I go through every shot which I also teach to all of my clients.

It's a system for people that have trouble actually doing all that and getting the ball to finish next to their target on the golf course. They might hit good shots, but the ball doesn't finish anywhere near the target because they didn't read the shot very well, the lie, the wind, what it was going to do when it lands, or they didn't plan very well. They didn't pick a club or a target very good. So this is a basic system that I go through. So here we are in the middle of the fairway.

The first thing I'm going to say to myself is, right, let's read this shot. So the question I'm going to ask is, "what do I think is going to happen after I hit this shot?". So right here today, There are a few things I'm going to look at. "What do I think the lies are like? How do I think the lie is going to affect this shot?" It's pretty good, it's in the middle of the fairway, but things like rough wet grass things like that might determine that it goes further or shorter, but today is pretty good. Then what do I think is going to happen out there? Is the wind going to affect things? Today it's pretty calm; there's a little bit of breeze, maybe a little bit behind me, so it might be playing a little bit shorter, so I'm going to say maybe five meters shorter than we've got. What's it going to do when it lands?

So at the moment we're here on the Gold Coast; it's pretty lush and green; it's not really going to run much at all, but there are other times where you get a lot. So that's something I'm doing now, so right here, I'm thinking we've got about 155 meters to the middle of the green. I'd be more than happy to hit that middle of the green here. I'm going to take five meters off that to allow for that wind, so now I'm starting to go make my plan. Which club am I going to use? Where am I going to aim? and what's my technique? So what club am I going to use? Right, so for this one for me, it's kind of in-between an 8-iron and a 7-iron. I'm going to go with the 7-iron because I'm not really warmed up. I haven't done too much today. So I've come in here and grabbed my seven iron out. Where am I going to aim? With this one, the pins cut right so, I don't want to short side myself over there. I'm going to aim to the left side of the green. So that's my aim. If I happen to hit my tendency, which is a shot that goes a little bit to the right hopefully, it finishes somewhere near the hole, but if it goes straight, I'm on the green, no problems. My technique? A big one is where do I need my ball position to be? Because if we're on different slopes, that changes quite dramatically so I'm just going to take a couple of dress rehearsal practice swings.

Dress rehearsal means I'm trying to do what I'm going to do when I'm actually on the stage about to hit the shot. Just like in the theatre, you do a dress rehearsal before you do it. That's what I'm trying to do here, and when I do that, I'm going to have a look where I'm hitting the ground. In this case, it's a pretty flat lie about where my normal ball position should be. Then I'm going to come on in, line myself up, and hit the shot.

Okay, so that's what I have here, my typical kind of shot to the right. Now I'm going to review that. It has finished just right of the flag, just short right of the green. So I'm going okay. Did I have the right club? Well, maybe I needed a bit more, or maybe I misjudged the wind because right now, the wind's actually switched around and came back the other way. So that's the kind of reviewing part of the shot to work out what I would do differently next time on the next shot on the next hole to help me get my ball to finish closer to the hole? So that's the Read-Plan-Do-Review System. If I can do that on every shot, over a whole round, over numerous rounds, I know my scores are going to come down because my ball will finish closer to the hole more often and not in as much trouble. So that's going to reduce my scores quite a bit.

So there it is, my RPDR, Read-Plan-Do-Review.


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