Secrets to Better Golf Video Tip

Don't buy these s@#! golf balls!

If you have ever bought cheap 2nd hand golf balls from the internet then you need to watch this video.

It's your favourite golf pro here, Titleist man.

So, here's the problem with buying refurbished golf balls. The logo says Pro-V. Yeah, that looks pretty kosher. Until you see the big arse dent on the ball at the top of the 3? This is basically a ball that has been repainted, refurbished and I guarantee you never in its life was this ball a Pro V1. Chances are it's probably an old Titleist tour balata. That's the last time I saw a ball do that. So, someone's knifed that, they've hit right on the edge of its little lip and that's what's created that big dent in the ball.

So if you're ever looking at secondhand golf balls, "refurbished" is not what you want at all. And in fact, there's another patch. Just there where the paints coming off the top. These are shit golf balls! Do not buy them!!!

Still want secondhand balls? Make sure they are secondhand Pro-V1s. Now, how are you going to do that? You're gonna have to find a trusted source pretty much. Because if you just looked at that as an average punter, you're not going to really notice too much. It looks pretty good but it's not. Do you know how you avoid it at all? Buy the brand new. Spend the money. Get the best ball in golf.