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Questions you ask on the golf course suck! Ask these instead - Question 4

Would you talk to someone else the way you talk to yourself on the golf course? Chances are, the answer to this question is no. Unfortunately, most people talk to themselves on a golf course in a horrendous manner.

The key to improving your self-talk is improving the questions you are asking yourself.

Currently, you may be asking, what's wrong with me? What's wrong with my swing? Why can't I be more consistent? If you ask these types of questions, you will get some terrible answers.

If you want to improve your golf, improve the quality of your questions.

If you would like more information on how to do this, check out my video series;

The questions you ask on the golf course suck! Ask these instead.


Click the video below to watch Question 4.

G'day sports fans! It's Paul back here again with my fourth video in this series of, "WHY YOUR QUESTIONS SUCK? And what questions can you ask instead?" that will make you a better golfer.

So here we are, number four. What is it? Well, we've been asking some good questions so far. But this time this is a common one I see. Which is, "Why do I need to worry about all this crap?" This is what I hear. "Why do I need to think about so much stuff? I go better when I don't think too much. I play much better when I don't think about anything." Which is fine. It's probably the same way you drive a car right now. You're not really thinking about what you're doing with your feet anymore. But at some stage, you had to think about what you were doing.

So what are these, these are habits. These are mental processes. These are little systems you go through just like when you learnt to drive a car. If you ask the right questions often enough, all of a sudden the subconscious part of your brain down the track will start taking over all that thinking. And now all of a sudden you don't have to think so much. This is one of the big reasons why you hear a lot of tour pros when they get interviewed, "So, what are you thinking about when you hit that shot in the game? Nothing. I don't know. It just comes naturally." The vast majority of the time they had to think about it at some point. So that's why you have to ask these questions. So here's a good question to ask instead. Which is, why don't I do this right now? And why don't I continue to do this going forwards? Who knows? Your scores may start to drop. So good luck!