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Questions you ask on the golf course suck! Ask these instead - Question 5

Would you talk to someone else the way you talk to yourself on the golf course? Chances are, the answer to this question is no. Unfortunately, most people talk to themselves on a golf course in a horrendous manner.

The key to improving your self-talk is improving the questions you are asking yourself.

Currently, you may be asking, what's wrong with me? What's wrong with my swing? Why can't I be more consistent? If you ask these types of questions, you will get some terrible answers.

If you want to improve your golf, improve the quality of your questions.

If you would like more information on how to do this, check out my video series;

The questions you ask on the golf course suck! Ask these instead.


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G'day sports fans! Paul Williamson here in my fifth video in, "Why your questions suck and what are the questions you need to ask to shoot lower scores and get better?"

Okay, so we've done a few questions already. Number one was, "Where I don't want to go?" Number two was, "Where do I want to go?" The next thing is, "What do I think is going to happen after I hit it?" So that's all asking, "What are the elements going to do when I hit this ball?, What do I think is going to happen after I hit it? But what's the lie doing? What's the wind doing? What's it going to do when it lands?" So there are lots of little questions that tie into all of this. What was the next one after that? Well, we're gonna start. What's my plan?

The first part of a good plan is, "What's your target area and where do I need to aim to get it to finish there?" These are two different things. So keep that in mind. So once you've worked that out you go, "Okay, I wanted to finish the front left, but I'm going to aim more to the middle because the winds blowing it this way." Just as an example. What's the next thing? Well, now it's like, "What club do I want to use?" So you've got 14 implements sitting there in your golf bag and you can pick any one of them. What you've got to try and do now is guess which club is going to be the best one to hit that shot.

Okay, so maybe we're going that right to left. And we've worked that. It's 130 meters away. For me, that's a 9 iron. So I'm going to aim there. I'm gonna pick my 9 iron and all I have to do is make my normal kind of golf swing. Maybe I'm on a tee and it's nice and flat, and I don't have to think about too much else. But that's the next one. What club I'm going to use now? You might notice here, this is where most people suck. When I play with them they've got a club on their hand before they've done any reading and working out where they don't want to go and where they do want to go. And they definitely haven't read the situation first. They tend to have the club in the hand first and they're already up there. And then, when they're standing over the ball they go, "Oh! Have I got the right club?" That's indecision, creates tension, bad swings, bad shots, bad scores. It all sucks! Change your question. This one is, What club do I want to use? And you're asking it at the right point. Not when you first jump out of the cart or get to the ball. Hope that helps. Stick around for the next one!