Secrets to Better Golf Video Tip

The BIGGEST MISTAKE you make when putting and EASY FIX!!!

I am here at Emerald Lakes, seventh hole. I'm going to give you some tips that I see are gonna help a hell of a lot of beginners and people who maybe haven't paid attention to this and their putting in the past.

One of the things I see all the time when we're playing pro am's with amateurs is they're coming on and you can see they're thinking about their putting stroke while they're standing over the ball. And they're thinking about shoulders and alignment and all sorts of things. And that's about as far away as what you need to be thinking about at that last moment before you go to hit the putt. So what should look like is you've stood back, read the putt. Then make a plan. Where do I want to aim? Or maybe I want to aim a little bit right on this one. Great. Okay. So this is all the thinking part, right. Now, I'm sitting here thinking about how big a swing do I want to make to hit it that far? Because distance is the biggest key here.

If you get the distance right you're gonna reduce your total number of parts massively. You're not going to make a lot of putts. from this distance. But the biggest problem I see is people going to whack away past or too short. It's because they're not thinking about distance right here at the last minute. So I've done the read. I've made my plan. I know where I'm going to aim. I've made my practise strokes. So I aim, I set up. I have one last look and all I'm thinking about is how big a swing do I need to make to hit it that far. [Hit the ball] And that was the first take, How good is that!