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In the world of golf, there's a term that is often misinterpreted and misunderstood: consistency. Many golfers, both amateurs and professionals, strive for consistency in their game, believing it to be the key to success. However, in this blog post, we'll explore why consistency should not be the ultimate goal in golf and why becoming a better problem solver is the true path to improvement.
The Illusion of Consistency

The misconception of consistency in golf is widespread. Amateurs often look at professional golfers and perceive them as consistent performers. But the truth is that even the best golfers in the world experience significant variations in their game. Scores fluctuate from the low 60s to the 80s, showcasing the inherent unpredictability of the sport.

Golf: A Problem-Solving Sport
To understand why consistency should be replaced with problem-solving skills, we need to recognize that golf is a problem-solving sport. Every shot presents a unique challenge that requires a tailored approach. The game encompasses various factors such as personal capabilities, environmental elements, and course conditions. Therefore, golfers must adapt, adjust, and solve the problems they encounter throughout their rounds.

Embracing the Challenge
Instead of striving for consistency, golfers should focus on becoming better problem solvers. Human beings are inherently wired to adapt and overcome challenges. Throughout history, our survival relied on our ability to find solutions and adapt to changing circumstances. Golf is no different. By embracing the challenges presented by each shot, golfers can tap into their problem-solving abilities and make the most of their current skills and circumstances.

The Read-Plan-Do-Review System
To enhance problem-solving skills in golf, a comprehensive approach can be adopted. The Read-Plan-Do-Review system serves as a framework for making informed decisions and learning from each shot. It involves reading the shot, planning the approach, executing the shot, and critically reviewing the results. By analyzing the outcomes, golfers can gather valuable information that can be applied to future shots, ultimately improving their problem-solving abilities on the course. You can watch my YouTube video to understand this system better.

In conclusion, the pursuit of consistency in golf can lead to misplaced expectations and hinder progress. Golf is not a game of consistent results but rather a problem-solving sport that requires adaptability and resourcefulness. By embracing the challenges, golfers can unlock their innate problem-solving skills and continually improve their game. So, the next time you step onto the golf course, remember that being a better problem solver is the true measure of success. Good luck and enjoy the journey of solving golf's intriguing puzzles!