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How to judge the speed of the!

Calibrate your shots on any given day with this pro golf technique!

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G'day Sports Fans! We're going to talk about how you can calibrate, how fast the greens are on any given day.

When you turn up it might be raining like it has done here at Emerald Lakes for the last week or so. They've cored and scarified and the greens are very slow. You might not have played for a while. The club championships are coming up and they've rolled them, they've cut them and they're lightning fast, and you don't know what's going on. A lot of people have trouble guessing how hard to hit the ball when they first turn up.

Distance is everything in putting. You got to be able to judge that really well. So, here's a technique that I've used a lot when I was playing pro-am golf. Which is a different course every day. You have to very quickly start to work out the pace with greens. So, I've got a little reference point I'm looking for.

For me, it's just swinging the putter back in a pendulum toe to toe. Just back to my toe through to my toe like that and all I'm gonna do is hit five putts here. Back to my toe , through to my toe. Just watch how far it goes. So this one is a little bit down hill and with my history, I'm looking at that going that's probably about an average pace green today. If I see the ball only go to here, they're pretty slow. If I see it going to the other edge of the green over there, they're really fast. So what I'm gonna do is a bunch of those, backwards and forwards. And just see how far they go. By the time I've hit five putts here, I'm starting to get a real good idea of the pace of the greens. Then what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna come back the other way little bit uphill. Do the same putt. Now you can see it's a bit shorter than the other one. So that part down this way was a bit faster. That was a bit slower. But if you do that 10 times. Five the other way and five going back, you're going to get a really good idea of what the pace of the greens are like. So, then you can get your ball, look at it all over here and start to actually have a good idea of how big a swing you need to make today to hit the ball that far.

It's a pretty basic, simple little thing, but always doing that as a golf pro playing and pro-am golfer all over the country, where you're in a different green every single day, and you better have a quick way of working out the pace. So you can do this every single time you turn up to a putting green before you play. Hopefully, in the space of about five minutes, you've got the pace. You go and do some games where you're putting a bit of pressure on yourself from short range and long range. After this, you're ready to hit the course!