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How to Score Like Cameron Smith Without Practice
Hey there! In this blog post, I'll be sharing some tips on how you can score like the 2022 Open Champion Cameron Smith without having to do any extra practice.

As a golf coach, I have noticed that the biggest difference between average amateur golfers and top players like Cameron Smith is that the latter tend to make fewer double and triple bogeys. This is because they know how to recover from difficult situations on the golf course without taking unnecessary risks.

So, how can you learn to score like Cameron Smith? Here are some key takeaways from one of his impressive shots at the Australian PGA Championship in Royal Queensland:

Read the lie: Cameron Smith started by assessing the lie of his ball. He took note of the overhanging branches and the bunker on the right side of the fairway and looked for a safe landing area that wouldn't cause him any trouble.

Read the situation: After reading the lie, Cameron and his caddy consulted their yardage book and discussed the best way to approach the shot. They considered the potential risks and rewards of different strategies.

Choose the right club: Cameron selected a club that would keep his shot low enough to avoid the overhanging branches but not so low that it would get stuck in the rough. He also played the ball back in his stance to create a lower ball flight.

Practise the shot: Before making his swing, Cameron practised some half to three-quarter swings that would replicate the shot he wanted to make. This helped him feel confident and in control of the shot.

By following these key takeaways, you too can learn to score like Cameron Smith without having to do any extra practice. Remember to read the lie, read the situation, choose the right club, and practise the shot. With a little bit of strategy and smart decision-making, you can start scoring like a pro on the golf course!

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