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Bringing enjoyment to your golf!

I am a results-based golf coach with 25+ years of experience coaching everyday people just like you.
I can help you get into the game, get better at it, and help you shoot lower scores guaranteed!

Which of the below sounds like you?

This program is for you if:
  • You are interested in getting started in golf
  • You would like to feel more confident before going out with your golfing friends or family.
  • By the end of this program you will be able to call yourself a golfer!
This program is designed to get you ready for every aspect of going to golf, not just hitting a golf ball.
These sessions are for you if:
  • You feel stuck at your current level and want to increase your golf skills.
  • You are frustrated/angry with your current golf game.
  • You have never had professional advice and would like to reduce the confusion in your head.
Let's bust some myths and get you some clarity!
Serious Golfers
This program is for you if:
  • You are serious about shooting lower scores
  • You have finally had enough of trying to do it by yourself without progressing
  • You want proven results that will last your entire golfing life and I guarantee them!
Casual Golf
The Saturday Social Golf Days are a relaxed, low-stress way to get comfortable playing the game of golf.
Have Fun, Learn and Socialise while playing golf!
The perfect place for those who have felt intimidated in the game and want to get comfortable on the course before getting more serious.

A bit about my coaching beliefs

"Your Golf swing is not even close
to your biggest problem!"
- Paul Williamson
That's right, you heard correctly.
After 25+ years of helping golfers, just like you shoot lower scores without changing their golf swings, I have found that most golfers decision making, a lack of any consistent strategies and very low awareness of what they are doing compared to what is actually going on, are the real problems with their games.
They watch the Pro's play on TV and think that that is how they 'should' play the game. Their expectation levels are through the roof!
These high expectations create an enormous amount of tension and anxiety over the ball, and it is this tension, and not your swing 99% of the time, that creates the majority of your bad shots on the course.
I saw this so many times in my 15-year career playing in Pro-ams with amateurs of all abilities. They thought their bad shot was caused by a technical problem with their swing or some "mental block" unique to them.
I observed that by making them aware of what they were doing and then giving them a basic strategy to follow, their results improved dramatically. Their swings even got better without focusing on them!
The 'real' game of golf is not that hard.
I will teach you simple, easy to apply strategies that will lower your tension, improve your results, and bring the enjoyment back to your game.
You will not have to change your swing to apply these strategies!
You will not need to get worse before you get better.
What's even better is we will do this on the actual golf course!
How crazy is that, golf coaching on the golf course
and not just on the driving range!
If you are new to the game, I will guide you through all the intimidation that can come with getting started in golf.
I will teach you the basic skills of the game, which will have you more confident out on the golf course, but more importantly, I will help you feel comfortable at a golf club by easing you into the new environment.
Learning all of the etiquette and rules of the game, as well as meeting new people to play with, will seem easy with me as your guide. Let me teach you how to "play golf", not "golf swing"!

Let me teach you how to "play golf", not "golf swing"!

Golf Course

First I will assess your game where you play...on the golf course!

Unlike with most "swing instructors", we will start on our journey with an on course game assessment.

The golf course is the only place where a true game assessment can be done. Trying to assess someones game at a driving range is guesswork.

I have found that the main reason golfers never reach their goals is because they don't know where they are actually starting from.

It is like putting your destination into a GPS Navigation System but never allowing the GPS to find out where you are starting from. I don't care how many different plans it tries to make for you, it just isn't going to work and you will probably be more lost!

It is only on the course, in real game like conditions, that we discover where the true strengths and weaknesses are in your golf game.

Only on the course will I see every see every single part of your game to gauge where you are truly starting from

Golf is played on a golf course not a driving range.

This makes sense but why do most "swing instructors" rarely, if ever, take their customers on to the golf course?

It just the way is has been done in the industry for decades.

Since the advent of practice fairways, "swing instructors" have found it easier to stay on the range and do 1 hour lessons one after the other. It is a easier business model for them.

Golfers have also been brainwashed into believing that if they can just get their swing "right" or "correct" that their scores will come down.

I believe that this is just wrong!
I am not a swing instructor!

I am golf coach

I will guide you to you better golf

I believe that the majority of golfers would just like to play better golf and not have to work on their golf swing.

Golf Course
Golf Course

Learn to "play golf" not "golf swing"

During the on course assessment we I will first watch and observe how you currently play the game.
I will then give you some simple strategies that will reduce pressure and tension straight away without changing your swing.
This will help you to execute good shots more often and reduce the frequency and severity of your bad shots.
Lower scores and more enjoyment will then start coming your way.
Golf is not a game of perfect!

I will make a plan that will get the results you are looking for!

After the assessment, we will have a drink in the clubhouse while I create a personalised training program just for you.
It will be designed around what we discovered in your playing assessment, your time commitment to the game and your budget.
This will ensure that any future coaching and practice you do is focused on what you need for lower golf scores long term.
No more wasting time and money on one off lessons that don't seem to work!
Golf Course
Book your on-course game assessment now!
Let's see why you really shoot the scores you do!
Golf Course Game

Are you ready for the best news?

An on course playing assessment is

the same price as a one-hour lesson!!!

But you get so much more!


  • Two hours of golf in a group of no more than 4 like minded golfers
  • An after game drink
  • Expert guidance from PGA Member Paul Williamson
  • A FULL golf game assessment (not just your swing!)
  • Strategies to use in your very next game of Golf
  • An improvement plan to get you to your goals!

Contact me now!

If your still not sure, call me to have an obligation free chat about your golfing goals and how I may be able to help.

If getting into the game, lower scores or more enjoyment are your priority then I am the coach for you!
Paul Williamson