In this edition:

• Secrets to Better Golf video tip - We are now on the 3rd Rule of my 10 Keys To Scoring Lower.
If you haven't seen the 2nd one, you can watch and read it here.

Number three is to Get Out Of Trouble In One Shot.

This rule seems to be one that many golfers break regularly. If you can follow the advice in the video, then your golf scores will come down. Check it out now!

Watch it here. | Read it here.

Success Stories - Be amazed by the golf journeys of Chase Oberle, Bruce Mcleod and Rod and Deb Foot.

An amazing 10% discount on training aids - This week's training aid is the NEW Orange Whip LightSpeed. Designed specifically to increase your clubhead speed while maintaining control. It's the perfect combination of power and accuracy.

Check it out now!

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